i just got told I had published 32 blogs

considering we have had to publish 3 blogs a week, im either 2 in front or 1 behind so thought i had better do another one! Just to make sure! I was reading the information for my sons school for next year. he starts Prep in 2014 – it states that all classes do a weekly blog! Thankfully now i will have some idea of how to do a blog and follow a blog and leave comments! Im so excited for him and looking forward to see what 5 yr olds blog about or will it just be a weekly note from the teacher but done via blog??

Cant wait for him to start school!!!!!! so exciteed for him!



Woo Hoo

I think this is the end of my blogging for this subject!!!! Will I ever blog again? Probably not after I finish this subject! Do I understand the point of blogging – no not really – how do people find them and who really cares what I think on any given topic i have chosen to write about!!! Have I learnt anything through blogging – yes def! ive learnt what a blog is and how to blog! Ive learnt how to follow some peoples blogs – mostly people from this course too as we had to make links to their blogs but I am now also following a friend of mine  and her blogs for her business! for that purpose i spose blogging is a good thing! But really do i find out any more than what i can find on facebook?


WARNING if you take pictures on your phone

OMG!!!! talk about scary! I was telling a friend about this subject EDC3100 and cyber stalking and sent him the link to the lollipop you tube clip we were encouraged to watch. He sent me back an email with this You Tube clip. Its so scary that people can track you so quickly and easily just through you iPhone. I made sure i checked the settings in my phone and in my husbands iPhone as we both take pictures of the kids and post them to facebook! I would hate to think anyone would ever dream of touching my children in any sick perverted way, any child actually! thought thought makes me feel very sick in the stomach! but the poor MOrcombe family also thought it would never happen to their son Daniel!!!

Scary stuff indeed!!!

The blessing of a blessingway

The blessing of a blessingway.


A good friend of mine from years ago has her own business of Calm Birth. She has now started blogging and I need to figure our how do I follow her blogs – I have started following other people so I know i can do it, I just cant remember how!!!!!


She is an amazing woman who used to be a teacher in a private school in Sydney. She then had her own beautiful children and started this business! She has always been someone who would go far in life! really likes to seize every moment of life and go with it!


Well Done Melodie! you should be very proud of yourself!



Feeling disheartened!

So close but yet so far!

This semester, for me, finishes on 5th November! Really thats only about 5 weeks away! I can do it! I have to do it! Reading Brigid Sweeneys blog on being way behind! I feel a little comforted! I am not the only one who is behind in blogging and afraid i will be scrapping the barrel for makrs ffor this subject and assignment 3, which apparently we will get back on Monday! ARGH!!!!!!!! Then comes the fear of opening the email from EASE – Maybe its already there – i havent checked since lunch time yesterday!!!!


I am severly lacking the motivation to keep going with this semester! I want to be able to look forward and cant just yet! oh well, 3 blogs to go now! Im running out of ideas!!!!!

Big Brother and technology

Im probably in the minority here but love watching Big Brother (pity I miss most episodes these days due to Uni!!)

I love the fact that technology can be used to track all the housemates movements and conversations! Giving us the perfect opportunity to study human interactions and social situations! Wiki gives the best definition for the purpose of the show here

I could by no means go into the big borhter house though. I sould not give up my iphone for that long! I stuggle to be without it for a few hours at work! always desperate to see who wants to contact me through email, text, call or messenger!


Assignment 3

To fellow EDC3100 students and pre service educators! Im stuck on Aissignment 3!!!!!!! I cant seem to get started on it! 

My other module EDX3160 has assignment 2 due in 5 weeks! Another assignment I am finding difficult to get started on! I have mastered the art of procrastination and know I am going to regret it! 

November 5th sees me 1/2 way through my degree and I cant wait! There is just a crack of a little bit of light starting to appear at the end of this long educational tunnel!!!!!